October 2nd, 2004


Outlining pictures?

Is there a way to outline cut-out pics with out promoting them to a full background layer in PSP8 like you can in PS?

something like this but more close the the image if you know what i mean \=
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Screen capping (again, sorry!)

hi! i know there have been a lot of posts about screen capping recently and i've read them all but am still stuck- please can someone help me? i'm going mad!

i have windvd so tried capping in there- it said to just press 'p' and the a cap would get saved to the 'capping' directory in the windvd directory. so i tried pressing 'p', went to find the 'capping' directory and there isn't one. just 'images' and 'skins'. i checked in both and neither contained any caps.

so then i saw someone suggested downloading grabquicksave. so i did that, set it all up but when i open the caps it's saved the picture stays in the same place when you move the window around, if you get me? so i'm trying to get caps of star wars, i started off trying to get a pic of darth vader when he boards leia's ship and when i have the window thing in one place i have darth and that's fine but then if i move the window i just get a bit of the background so it's no good. i have no idea why this is happening, maybe someone could tell me so i could fix it? (if it is fixable that is).

and i know people say you can get caps by turning something down and then doing prtsc but i've never understood that. i have windows media player as well as windvd and i think i also have realone player, if anyone knows how to get caps from any of these programs could you possibly write it in a very easy to understand, step by step way? cos i'm starting to learn how to use computers but i'm still a complete idiot when it comes to most things!

sorry to be a pain! and if anyone can help me- i'll love you forever! i'd offer to give you screen caps too but i guess you prob wouldn't need that if you're telling me how... but if there is anything i can do in return, just let me know!

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Does anyone know where I can find the brushes used in this header? Or similar ones? I don't really care for the swirly things, but the lace-esque bit behind the text is what I'm looking for. Also, I asked the person who made it, but s/he ignored me.

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Hey people

Just wondering what's the best free program to screen cap on? I had Win DVD a while ago (I can get it again though) but I never seemed to be able to screen cap. In your opinion, which is the best program?
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