October 3rd, 2004

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I was looking through my memories and sorting them in my credits page and I came across this tutorial by charliemc. I remember using that one, so I decided to do it again. While doing it, I discoverd an awesome effect. Heres the tutorial for that effect. The effect is turning any picture into a perfect color drawing. Here's an example

isnt that cool? Well, here's the tutorial! (for PSP)

( Drawing Tutorial )
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by madxtea


Sorry, this isn't too related to making icons but, does anybody know a way to upload or store video and sound files? Like, for example, photobucket is a server for images, is there an internet server for video and sound?

Thanks in advance!

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a photoshop problem...

Edit- this problem has been solved! Thanks a million!!

I am running Photoshop 7.0 and today encountered a problem I've yet to see. I am unable to access my brushes! When I chose the paintbrush tool, I can access the assorted brushes default only. When I click the arrow button to scroll through the list of other brush sets, the button depresses but nothing happens. I've tried restarting several times. I checked my Photoshop-Preset-Brushes folder and everything in intact. Has anyone else ever had this problem or can anyone help me solve it?

~ Missing her Brushes in NY.
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the notebook by wastedfriday

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is there really such thing as having too many brushes loaded? if so, is there an easy way to load and unload them without deleting each one singly? I'm really curious on this - I wouldn't want to have to reinstall my photoshop just because I loaded too many brushes.

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Okay guys after much thought I downloaded PowerDVD (version 5). However, I should have mentioned before I don't have a DVD drive. *gulp* Does this mean I won't be able to play DVDs at all? Is there anyway to play DVDs on a computer without a DVD drive?

Thanks for all your help <333i
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dave grohl guitar

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HIYA! Sorry to post this here but I'm desperate and out of ideas!

I want to make a particular icon, and I need a picture from the special edition of Return of the Jedi. Does anyone know of a good site that has screen caps from the Return of the Jedi DVD? I only say DVD specifically because it's one of the new scenes, and I figure that now that the DVDs are out, there's got to be some good screen caps somewhere!

If anyone's wondering, I'm looking for the scene where Bobba Fett is standing with the dancing girls in Jabba's palace.

Hope someone can help me!
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incredulously happy! brian - yellow_dusk

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Absolutely needy today, apparently.

dtissagirl has got me mystified with her coloring technique. I was sure it was simply a gradient on "color" except her icons are much more subtle.

How do you achieve this effect?

Thanks in advance <3