October 6th, 2004

shoe walk
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i can't figure out what key(s) i mistakenly hit until i got this effect.

see those whitish shadow for the black border? this is a 100 x 100 layer that i
select > all
select > border > 20 pixels
edit > fill > black
i used to get solid fill without the shadow before i hit those keys. how do i reverse this? and get a solid fill? been figuring this for days. please help!
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Changing Skin Color

Hey there.

For the past few days I had been wondering.. Yes, it's surprising I know. Until recently, people thought that people with no mind (like me) could not wonder but.. tadaaa I proved them all wrong.

Anyways. I can't figure out how I can change the skin color of a picture. I want Kate Beckinsale's skin color in this picture;

Look like Rachel Weisz skin color in this picture;

... Help? ...

I'll name my firstborn after you if you help me!! *puppy eyes*
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Hi there. I read all of the rules and it didn't say anything about slightly off-topic questions, but if this isn't allowed, I'll remove it. I've been using PS7 for a while to make icons and other assorted graphics, but I cannot seem to figure out how to make colorbars. I was wondering if some very nice person with some extra time would mind helping me out a bit. Either a basic tutorial or just some quick pointers would greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance. :)
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you can delete this if it's too off topic, but I was wondering if anyone could tell me why whenever I right click on a picture to save it from internet explorer, they are ALWAYS in .bmp format. specifically icons -- I know that not everyone's icons are in that format but that's the only way they will save.

can someone help me with this?