October 8th, 2004

Beckett Dramatic


Hi, I use PSP 8 and I'm having trouble with my layers toolbar. When I downloaded the trial version, it was normal, there was the little "squares" icon representing each layer and then there was the little eye and the blending part. Oh and there was also the selecting of the type [normal, overlay, ...]. But for some reason when I got the original version it doesn't have those things. So now I have to go through the whole process of clicking the properties of each layer to blend or make it visible or invisible... Anyone have any ideas how to get I can get those things?

Thanks in advance <3

boom baby


Hey, just a short question:
So, I've got PS 4 and now I'd like to know if I can do most of the stuff that you guys do with PS 6 as well.
I'm more into PSP, but since that's only an English version I thought I should try my PS, which is in German.
Thanks ^.^
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