October 9th, 2004

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General Request

I love love love this community, best on LJ as far as I am concerned. I eagerly anticipate each tutorial, and you are all very talented and kind for taking the time to post them. I have a request after noticing something in a goodish amount of recent tutorials. Of course you don't have to listen to me, completely have the right to totally ignore this humble request.
I, personally, have limited time to spend on LJ most times. A lot of tutorials have not been stating if they are for PSP or PS, and I am asking if people could consider that when posting their tutorials. Now, now, I know what some of you are going to say. If you read long enough, you should be able to figure out which it is for if you are not a total blockhead. But, I am a total blockhead, and would greatly appreciate if people take this into consideration. And I KNOW it is an easy thing to forget, of course. So if you could please take the time to list if it is a PSP or PS tutorial in your post, or very close to the top of your tutorial, I'm sure I'm not the only one who would be elated.
Thank you very much!!
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Virtual Dub for macs?

Okay, when I had my lovely HP PC I had Virtual Dub and I could convert the movies into the picture clips by frames. But now that I have a mac, I can't find a program that is similar to it. I don't want to screen cap frame by frame because that's way too tedious.

Someone please help, does anyone know a program that does something like that on mac's.

Batch saving

I've looked in the memories but can't find what I was looking for. If it IS in the memories and I just didn't look good enough, please point me in the right direction :)

I've seen somebody mention that you can do 'Batch saving' in Photoshop. Well, I've capped a movie with PowerDVD and they are all BMP and instead of changing them one by one, I would like to do batch saving them as JPG's.
The problem is I can't seem to find/work out how to do that. Can any of you help me?

Thanks in advance
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full icon tutorial in PS7

my first tutorial ever. yup.

I'm using PhotoShop 7. I trust most of this will translate well enough to other versions of PS and to PSP.

I'm going to try and recreate this icon - of Jeff Buckley.
It's sad how my memory's for shit. I only did this icon a few hours ago, and already I'm not completely sure what went on there. I tend to merge layers a lot (I'm reckless like that) so it's harder to trace back. oh well.

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I've looked in the memories, but either I'm blind or it's not there, so I'll just ask.

When I read a lot of tutorials for PS7, a lot of the authors use their own gradient fills (of which aren't displayed regularly on Photoshop). Can anyway tell me how to make my own color gradient fills?