October 11th, 2004

Concerning Picture Resources

Hey everyone!  Okay, I'm in the process of making a layout.  It's a summer/love theme.  The problem is, I can't really find any pictures for it.  I want pictures exactly or similar to the ones under the cut.  If you could give me a site where I could find these, or ones similar, it would be much appreciated!!

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Two tutorials for PSP7, primarily involving blending effects various especially washing-out effects.

Hi, I'm a new recruit, and I thought I'd post my couple of tutorials to say hello to everyone here. I hope they help, er, someone, somewhere. *gazes off into the distance*

These two tutorials require a basic degree of aptitude.I don't bother to explain how to do common things like messing around with layers, the marquee tool, feathering, brightness/contrast &c. I used PSP7 to make them, but most of it would work in Photoshop too, I think.

Click on the icon to view the tutorial on how to make it.

^ Includes how to make that nifty washed-out look (which I am quite fond of), as well as sundry fooling around with layers and blending options.

^ Includes how to make your icon look like the colour cover of an old-time movie, as well as a bit of exclusion and a whole lot of feathering. Plus, watch ELlipsis be REALLY indecisive about colours, brightness/contrast, and text.

Oh, and if anyone ever runs into any of my icons the making of which they're curious about, just ask. I have a great and epic love for talking about myself or stuff I've made. Yay! My icons all live on my website, which can be got at via my profile. <3

And lastly, for some reason my new Windows XP Computer DOES NOT have Gentury Gothic on it. I am very attached to Century Gothic, especially for icon text. Does anyone know if I can get ahold of it for free?
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Comic Style

Hi :)
I'm trying to use a comic style effect on an icon I'm making. I'm looking off of this tutorial. The final step says "Choose Filter> Artistic > Lighten". Only problem is, there is no "lighten" option under filter > artistic, nor any of the other places I looked. This is a PS tutorial, no version indicated. I'm using PS7, which I'm not really familiar with as PSP is normally my program of choice.

I searched for a similar tutorial in the memories, but couldn't find one. If anyone could tell me how to finish off this effect, I'd be very grateful. Thanks so much!
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PSP translation...

Hello all. I just wanted to leave a note really quick...remember that tutorial I posted about a week ago, the China doll effect? Well, xfunkydoryx was nice enough to do the same tutorial in PSP...SHE ROCKS!!! If you want you can take a look here  Thank you so much xfunkydoryx I so owe you hugs.
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The newest tutorial. It will show you how I did the effects shown on the 'Black Back Set' for the Magicians of Yugioh.

  • Tutorial made using Adobe Photoshop Elements, it should work the same in Photoshop, tweaking may be needed for Paint Shop Pro or other programs
  • A Pallet is given at the end of the tutorial for those who are confused by it


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