October 14th, 2004

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I have asked this question everywhere and I`m hoping to find some answers from you guys. I have tried brush communities with no luck, so I`m sorry this is a bit off topic-- If not allowed, please tell me. I`ll delete it..

I`m attempting to download brushes for PSP from gunshotmelody, but everytime I try to it says My current security settings won`t allow me to. I have tried lowering the Security tab in my Internet Options menu but it doesn`t work.

Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Please help :]

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I feel like such an idiot for asking this, because I am sure there is a simple answer:

I am using adobe illustrator to make a vector of britney spears, and after posterizing it in photoshop and transferring into illustrator I am trying to creat a color palette (i.e. shades to use) in my vectoring. I am unable to create a new swatch and then pick up the color into that, nor will it let me pick up the color directly. I don't know if I need to save it in a different format or anything...but ahhh!!
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Stupid GIFs

For some reason my GIFs do not save right. If I try to save something transparent it comes out looking very odd and kind of pixel-ish. Like this for example. Any idea why?

Also, when I try to save an animation it saves as an all black image. The preview shows it perfectly fine but when I upload it to my server it comes out all black. Help please?

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Can someone help me with this effect? It's probably really easy, but I just don't get it. I use PSP7

How do you do that effect that is on Lavender? Anything special? And can someone tell me what font that is.
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PS7 and PS CS Help

Arg, I've had this problem with both PS7 and PS CS.

I get -this- every once in a while. I have to have my text at 999+ for it to even begin to be visible. I don't know what this is, but does anyone have an idea on how to turn this off?

I was making an icon and this came up ::points to random square thing in the icon::

It used to have the square, followed by the blinking text thing and a horizontal line.

Help please :_:
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i have two questions.

1. how can i get the texture effect on this icon.
like how its so smooth and the color. I've seen some people say, "oh you have to fill it in with a colored layer" or something like that, but i have no clue how to do that!

2. is there another way to put a picture on a background
like how they did with this icon:
without having to get a background, put a picture on top of it with a new layer, and erase the background, cus that looks all sloppy, and you cant get inbetween everything, because you'll erase the picture you want on top of the background. did that make sense? lol. can anyone help?

effect...beautiful efffects..

 i might have asked too much on here..oh well! i was wondering what effect was used on this lovely gorgeous icon..im very blown away by the heavenly look! but i think its some kind of brushes....im hopeless at figuring out how people made it..it might be cos im so so clever..so i might be wrong




icons made by (journal face)ofthemorning  thanks in advance!

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