October 16th, 2004


Changing Custom Brush Sizes...?

I use PSP6 [yes, I know it's getting old], and I was wondering -

When I create a brush...as in, take an image from an image pack in 100x100_brushes or whatever, I can't use them in any size other than 100%. If I want them smaller, I have to use the brush on a transparent 100x100 square, resize that down, and save as a new brush, and it's just...blargh!

Is there any way to change the sizes of custom brushes?
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Looking for some tips ^_^

Howdy *waves* first post here.. Just looking for some good icon tips. I know my way around photoshop ect but when it comes to icons i cant seem to create anything attractive ;P im use to working with a big space, ect.. Im after some tips if people have any. Eg: a step you always do when making icons, colors, effects, brushes ect.. Just anything you could throw at me that can get me started with icons. =)
Thankies ♥
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I need some major help...Ok, ive been using PSP9 for the past 2 months, but now my beta version is about to run out, so Ill have to revert back to PSP 8, since I have the full version of that. While Ive had PSP9, Ive created a bunch of brushes from people's image packs. when I open up my PSP 8, those brushes arent there. But when I go to the brushes folder for PSP 9, they're not there either. Ive even deleted the PSP 8 brush folder and copied the PSP 9 folder and pasted it in its place, but that didnt work either. Does anyone know what I should do, or am I going to have to create all 600 of those brushes again in PSP 8?
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quick question on a tutorial!

Hello everyone! I was trying to follow a tutorial by teh_indy, but I'm stuck. If you go to the tutorial (http://www.livejournal.com/users/teh_indy/40019.html), you'll notice that the icon has the image of Ron duplicated on the side. I'm trying to follow her instructions, but I duplicated the layer and now I can't figure out how to move it around! This may seem confusing, but if you go to the tutorial, you'll see what I mean. If you know how to move the layer, please let me know!

This sounds confusing, but if you go to the tutorial, you'll see what i mean =)

Thanks for any help!

lipstick bitch by me

hate to be an annoyance

but i've been wondering. I know how to get the block of colour behind text but i've been wondering how to get it so that the line of colour kind of fades....i dunno how well i'm explaining it. I tried using the blur tool but that doesn't seem to look right. I can't find an example at the moment and i'm not quite sure where to look in the memories for this either. I am using photoshop btw.
Thanks for your help in advance
[edit] i found an example by teh_indy and also posted them a q in their journal about it but if anyone else can help in the meantime i'd be extremely grateful
heres the icon by teh_indy:
thanks for all your help....i have it now!
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