October 17th, 2004


Organising Brushes in Photoshop CS.

I'm just going through and organising all my brushes in Photoshop. I want to combine files containing similar brushes into one very large file, but I was wondering if this would impact on the time PS takes to load at startup. Is there a limit to the number of brushes that a file can contain?
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I know I could go to another community to find this out, but I trust you guys the most :)

I am using PSP7 on XP and I keep getting messages like the following below. So far I have only gotten this when using the text tool. I thought maybe it was my computer so I restarted and ran some stuff to make sure I didnt have any odd bugs, but this is the only program doing this. So I thought maybe someone here might be able to help me. Thank you in advance, and I appreciate it very much.

The instruction at "0x77f58dc5" referenced memory at "0zfffffff8", The memory cold not be "read". Click on OK to terminate the program

The instruction at "0x00678e8" referened memory at "0x00000008", The memory could not be "read". Click on OK to terminate the program

Basic Icon Tutorial - Kristin Kreuk

I'm using the program PSP8 but I'm sure it's translatable into PS.
End result:

Collapse )
What do you think of this tutorial? Any comments/suggestions? Was anything confusing? Should I continue making tutorials or am I really a lost cause? If you want to snag the icon, please credit me in the keywords.
I've x-posted this to a lot of communities, and my own, so if you see this in a bunch of places, I'm sorry, it's my first tutorial so I need major feedback.
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Full Tutorial, very easy.

I've decided to write a tutorial to help out some of my friends, and I figured I'd post it here in case anyone was interested. To the seasoned icon artist, it may not help much, but this is a full tutorial for a beginner. You'll be making an icon like this one:

(Follow the fake cut)

Tutorial was written for PSP7, but is fully translatable. Comments & [constructive] criticism always more than welcome :)
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errlack..ugly icon!

i got a confusing question..when i do my icons on the computer upstairs on paint shop pro , it looks lovely and clear but when i upload the icons onto the internet on another computer , the icons goes all blurry and ugly! and i cant get the same quality back...why not?

thanks in advance
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hey, i already checked the memories for hours, but i still have a question
is there anyway to screencap from media players like launch and other ones like that? if not, does anyone have a good link to a site with a lot of music videos available in quicktime? thanks, ladies!