October 18th, 2004

Give a Damn


I did read through the memories and that's how I found out how to download fonts. But a new problem arose that I could not find the answer too.

First off I use Windows 98 (version 2) and Jasc Animation Shop 3.

I downloaded fonts from www.fontfreak.com saved them to my font folder and they weren't there. I went to unzip them but I could not find them to do so.

So then I tried saving them to My Desktop. Which worked. I found them but I could not unzip them. I right-clicked and there was no option to unzip. I left-click and of course it would not open.

So I ask how do I get my fonts. Is there a program I need to unzip them that I can download for free somewhere or what?

Thanks for any and all help!


I was able to extract some of my fonts (not all of them for some reason) but my problem is how do I get them to work in Jasc Animation Shop? I can't get my fonts to show up when I try to add text!

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not sure if I can post this here, if I can't im sorry and delete this.


My Paint Shop Pro 8 program always used to resize my pictures fine, but recently it's been taking off 2 sides of the border (bottom and right) when I resize...does anybody know how I can stop this from happening? It used to resize the "whole" image including the borders but now this happens.

Any help, any help at all is greatly appreciated because nobody i've asked so far has known.