October 24th, 2004

Hermione - Quidditch

Photoshop Question

I know this is not an Icon, but I'm really, really interested in this effect...
I just found this picture in a german rpg and the color effect fascinated me.

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Does anyone know how to get such an coloring? I don't mean the green eyes, the brushes or the lines, but the shadows around Bonnie's face for example under the hair... And how do you get a picture with so less shades in the face?
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I have seen plenty of icons and other graphics with diagonal lines either on the picture or in the background. I just don't know where to get the brushes to do this... If anyone knows where to get those brushes (for PSP8), I'd really appreciate it if they told me. =).
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{newgirl} who's that girl?

Coloring Tutorial>>>Lost

My first icon tutorial *looks around nervously* This was at the request of  callmefreak , who had asked about the coloring of my icons from my latest icon batch here .

I'll be using this icon I made of Kate from the tv show "Lost."

FYI: I tried to duplicate the coloring the best that I could :S Also, keep in mind that this tutorial is for Photoshop. I using PS 7. And this is just a tut for the coloring

(Click to find out how!)

If you have any trouble or are curious about something, just let me know and I'll help you out.


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