October 28th, 2004

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Paid Hosting?

I have a question to all those who pay for their own websites or web host. I was paying $6.95 a month for: 250 Megs of Disk Storage and 5 Gigs of Monthly Bandwidth. Which was fine when I was only posting icons in my journal but I soon found out that this was not enough after I started posting in various icon communities that I belong to. So I upped it to another plan which I am currently paying for which is $9.95 for 500 Megs of Disk Storage and 10 Gigs of Monthly Bandwidth. And it's not even the end of the month and I have already used almost of the 5 extra Gigs bandwidth I paid for. Do any of you know any good web host sites that are still affordable but offer more bandwidth and of course that are reliable? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


p.s. If this if off topic then feel free to delete it - I just thought I would post it here because there are a lot of you that may have your own web host or websites that could help :)
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(no subject)

Can someone please tell me how I make the bar or whatever it is around the text. Like the one in this icon.

made by iadoreyou_ (please don't take).

I'm using PSP7, any ideas on the "effect". Also, this is not my icon, so please dont take!!