October 30th, 2004

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Hey, this is kinda offtopic.. so you can delete it if you want. Buuut... I was wondering which program you would use to clip stuff... like, from a movie, you can clip out a certain scene. & then you import it to a program to make mini movies... right?

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A few questions....


How do you get these effects(If there is a tutorial, just link it, Thanks)?

Benji Stand up to the pain -- simplykay (The faded dark colors)


Billy Martin Pinkish -- plurr_icons(How its purple and like kinda faded, makes the picture look worn out)


Tony Lovato Grunged 6 -- simplykay(The rainbow-ness)




Matt Lovato -- simplykay(the Blue tintness)


Thanks in advance!

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i need help from people with PSP 7 - can someone please send me the foreground-background gradient file? for some reason i lost it, and now i can't make gradients of my own. help, pretty please?

you can sent it, directly or through yousendit.com, to noaness[at]gmail.com

{sorry, i know it's kind of OT}

ETA: Thanks, pessimistchick!

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I was looking in the memories and couldn't find it, so I'll post and if someone comments with a link to a new entry, I'll just delete the post.

How do I download brushes for PSP9? I picked a brush set, unzipped them and all, but now I am having trouble opening them. In the tutorial I was reading, people have a toolbar that opens when they click on thier brush tool. I don't have that: picture.

Also, once I get this problem solved, I would like to download a set of brushes with heart stamps (not sure what they are called really). I want to be able to put a decorative heart on some of my icons.
Edit: And I'd like a brush set with arrows...
Edit 2: Oops, my toolbar was minimized. But you get the general idea.

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does anyone know how I would get the effect of the flowers on this desktop? It's probably some sort of texture or background or something but I can't think of how it would be big enough for the wallpaper? Where would I find something like this or how can I make it? Can anyone help?
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Ugh it's me again. Ok so I figured out how to clip and cap stuff.. but now after I cap stuff from PowerDVD, it saves at .bmp! How do I get it to save as .jpg? or is that not possible?

Edit: wow i'm really stupid and forgot to list the program i use.. lol. PS7 thanks to everyone that replied :)
bright green grass near windmill

Making Mini-Movies in Photoshop/Image Ready

Ok, so confused.

I'm trying to make a mini-movie using Adobe photoshop and image ready. I recently had to switch from paint shop pro to photoshop because of errors with my psp program, so I'm totally new with the whole photoshop/image ready bit.

I've looked through the memories and nothing has helped me with my problem. I found one tutorial that explains making mini movies by putting each cap on a different layer in photoshop and then File>Jump to>Image Ready, and I did this, and I get this.

It looks to me that I have multiple layers, but only one slide. How do I make all of the different caps go on different slides, therefore making them into one continuous mini-movie?

Very sorry if this has been answered in the memories, but I could not find it! Thanks.
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BS Player Screencapping Problem

This is probably off topic but it is, in a way, icon related. My computer was reformatted recently so I had to re-download BS Player. I do screencaps for a site and I use screencaps for some graphics/icons I make. So when I was screencapping some stuff I saw that when it was screencapped it was REALLY messed up. It's kind of hard to explain so just look in the cut.

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If someone knows what's wrong please post. Thanks.

I've tried reinstalling BS Player (that didn't work) and I've posted on their forums but I haven't had any replies yet.