October 31st, 2004

Emmy's Dream

How to Credit Icons using Comments

This isn't really an icon tutorial (though this might be found useful to icon makers who prefer credit)... but since people are now starting to use 'comments' instead of 'keywords' to properly credit their icons, I wrote a tutorial so that newbies could know how to credit using comments. The advantage of 'comments' over 'keywords' are actual credit links (look at my user pictures as an example).

You may link to this tutorial as a link on how to credit using comments or in your memories to spread the word to newbies on how to properly credit using comments.

( Tutorial here. sorry, is a fake lj-cut )
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Filmstrip brushes

I've looked in the memories and I can't find any filmstrip brushes. Well, no I lie, I have found some, but they were only 100px x 100px, and I'm after some brushes that are slightly bigger. I know that there are some, because I used to have them but then all the brushes got deleted off my computer, and I really can't remember where I got them from...

If anyone knows where I can find them, I thank you in advance!
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Three Mini-Tutorials: FFX-2

This is what I like to call a 'mini tutorial' because it's simpler and smaller and I don't get into quite as much detail. I just have a list of layers and I briefly tell you what I did on each. I was bored, so I did three of these! Enjoy. Click on the icon you want to know how to make.

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Zombie/Bloody Celeb Icon Tutorial

Okay, well, since I'm really starting to contribute to the icon community, I thought I'd go ahead and create my own tutorial.  So, for Halloween, here's a tutorial on making some zombies/bloody people icons!  Like you haven't seen that before....

Here's what we're going to learn how to make!

Warning, though: this tutorial is rather long!
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I was wondering how in the world do I use the gradiant tool in PS7. I know how to get the gradiant tool and such, but when I try to use a selected gradiant, nothing shows up. It doesn't matter if I use it on an image or a blank layer, nothing shows up. So I have no idea if I'm doing it right. I tried looking through the memories, but nothing looked like it could help me.

Any information would be greatly appreciated. ^_^