November 3rd, 2004

Damn PS

the text on ps, is being stupid, i tried makin an icon last nite, adn when i put the text, i had it at size 9. i couldnt see it. i then put it at size 72, you could see the text, but it was so tiny i couldnt read, it just looked like a messed up line. i restarted my computer and tried again with no luck.

so i tried agian today and its still messing up. any ideas?
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I would like to apologize profusely. I offered a tutorial for this icon a while ago

But now my PSP 9 trial has expired and PSP 8 will not let me open the image to let me see how I made it. Im terribly sorry! If anyone knows how to convert the files, if its possible, please tell me. I am very upset about this. :\
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Help :_:

I'd like to know the effects used in the text for this icon:
How do you make the text like that? What effects would you use? Gradients maybe?  I use PS8.

I couldn't find what I was looking for in the memories, so I thought I'd give it a shot here. Any help would be great appreciated.

pin light question

I've seen several icons that use the pin light effect, which I think looks totally awesome. Only problem for me: I have PSP7, which, as far as I know doesn't have this effect. :( Is there any way to use other means to get this effect using PSP7? Or a similar effect. Thanks bunches!

EDIT: I found an example..

by dtissagirl

That's sort of the effect I'm looking for.
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screencapping without internal dvd player option

ok, I'm getting a little frustrated because I once knew this but have since forgotten. *headdesk*

I don't have the time/room to download a program, virtualdub doesn't work with DVDs, and my powerdvd is the bundled version without screencapture. nor does psp8 cap properly.

now, I know there is a setting in Windows XP that slows down the animations or deaccelerates or whatever the setting is called. I know you change it through control panel but I cannot, for the life of me, figure out where.