November 5th, 2004

Mercutio - (grateful/foolish)

A question for you all

Hey, I just found this community and I'm attempting to make a Phantom of the Opera icon using part of this tutorial (a 16 year old Christine Daaé would look very off with bright red lips, but I loved the affect!!). I'm using Photoshop to create this icon. I've done everything with the actual picture part and it looks amazing, but I find that adding the font is ALWAYS where I go wrong... oy... I think hecatesknickers places font v. well. Are there any tips? Here's what I've done so far:

Christine Daaé

My idea was to add the song lyric, "I've never seen scars like yours" (refering to the Phantom's face). I wanted to place it over the black and perhaps make it translucent. I definitely want to make the word "scar" pop by making it a different color and, perhaps, a different font. Anything you can share with me is greatly appreciated!
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Font Search

Hello again

I'm searching for the fonts Syflaen & Arial Black. Does anyone know a website where I can download these fonts for erm, free? I've tried but they didn't have it there. Also, most font websites I've been to led me to "", which the font was originated from. May I add--it's not free :(

I remember someone posting this excellent site including all the basic windows fonts for free, but I lost the link.

If anyone could help, I thank ye in advance :)
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Animation in Image Ready, lost forever?

Okay... this is the secont time I've done this and it irks me to no end >_<

Here's my problem. I originally had a picture in Jpeg format. I opened it and manipulated it in Photoshop 7 and obtained many layers. In the end I decided I'd do a little animation with it... so I opened it in Image Ready and created my animation there. Of course, when I went to save it I couldn't save it as a GIF because the original picture prior to manipulation was a Jpeg (I'm assuming that's why!!).

I don't think there's any hope now (and I spent a LOT of time on this icon :/), but is there a way to save my animation? Is there a way of changing the layers to GIF or something like that? I can only save it as JPEG and hence all my nice flashing text would be gone.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, even if it's just to say "It's impossible, you've lost your animation."

Thanks a lot!
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Repeating Effects in Photoshop (CS)

I just finished making an icon with multiple layers and actions (such as duplicating, changing transparency, blend mode, etc etc), and I'd like to apply this effect to an entire batch of icons that I'm making. Is there any way to save the history of a document and apply it to another, or copy each separate layer in one giant group to paste on another image?

I'm using Photoshop CS.