November 6th, 2004

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photoshop brush issues... please help?

okay, i'm finally going to just break down and ask because i can't seem to figure out the problem on my own (and it's been almost a week now and i'm frustrated). i've had photoshp 7 for a good long while now and there has never been an issue. well, a couple days ago when i went to load new brushes (as i've done many times) .... i click on the little circle with the arrow and the drop menu never shows up.

i cannot get the drop menu for brushes to come up when i click the circle. it as never ever done this before. at first i thought i just needed to restart my computer but that hasn't helped. i even cleared off half of my entire c drive because i thought it was an issue of GB space. nothing. i started being crazy and deleting brushes but after deleting some didn't fix the issue, i stopped - as it stands, i already deleted some of my favourites and cannot reload them due to this issue.

any advice would help, though i have to confess i'd rather not have to reinstall the entire program. i keep thinking there has to be some way to work around it... so here i am, hoping someone might have an idea. thank you all so much in advance!
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Can someone tell me how to get this colored effect on those icons?

made by prissywitch. I know its must be a gradient or something but how do I get it so smooth?

same question about the coloring on this icon :

same question here again but where can I get the pattern?
Thanks for help

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Can anyone lead me to a journal / link / anything really, where I could download or have the .jpg's to some splatter type brushes? I have some downloaded [as you can tell from my journal layout], but the pack only came with like 5 brushes, and I wanted a few more. Thanks so much =) I'm using PSP 7 [I know, definitely outdated. I'm too lazy to upgrade it and learn everything again ha]

Also, they don't necessarily have to be icon sized, I'd rather have normal sized ones, but icon sized ones are fine too.