November 7th, 2004

  • houki

Icon with moving corner

Heeeey, I need some help with making mini-movies like these:

(Can all be found at Behiind_these_smiiles_x3)

Althou... I think I know how to make the mini-movie thing already, the big problem with me is... making screenshots for them.
Can anyone tell me how to do this.
I've been sitting before my t.v. with my digital camera, but well, that wasn't that good, because the images all had different colors then, so I couldn't make a movie out of it.
But the problem is that I want to make an icon of FFX, so I can't use my PC *Cries* seems pretty imposible already?
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This ... uh.. doesnt have anything to do with icons has very little to do with icons but it is related somehow.
I have powerdvd xp ... the thing is.. i dont know how to actually take caps with it o_O
do any of you, that use powerDVD XP know how to?? I really need to find out soon.
If you do, please help!
Thanks in advance ^_^