November 9th, 2004

Text is microscopic?

Ok, I'm am going to go crazy until someone tells me what's wrong.

I open photoshop and I want to put font on my picture like I always do...

So I go to the text button and I click somewhere on the picture to write my text and start writing. And Of course, this happens to ME. The font is on 12pt and it is so microscopic. No matter what size I put it on it is the same microscopic size and I can't figure out what is wrong. Someone PLEASE help me. I just want to finish my icon. XD
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I'm usually the one answering questions instead of asking.. but I've been looking everywhere for a tutorial on well.. um.. rain..
I want to create an animation effect, where it seems like it's raining. Anything would be helpful. I use PaintShop Pro 8 and the usual animation shop ^-^

Thanks in advance..