November 10th, 2004

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  • patosan

Divx Screen Caps

I hope it's okay to post this question here since it ultimately concerns icons.

I want to take a screen cap of a Divx file, not a DVD (I know I can use Power DVD for that). When I try to do it via the Screen Print method it doesn't work; it just leaves me with a black screen after the player is closed down.

Is there any software or method you use to take your caps from Divx's? Also, supposing I manage to do the screen cap, what's the best format to save the picture in to turn it into an icon later on using Photoshop 7.0? Is Gif better than, say, PNG or JPEG? Do you choose depending on whether you are going to have it animated or not?

I'm probably being really dumb and there's an easy way around this problem, but I've been scratching my head for ages. I even went and downloaded a screen cap program but to no avail. I figured the quickest (and best way for my mental health!) route would be to ask here.

Thanks in advance!
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(no subject)

Does anyone know how to do this effect on this icon?
I've been looking everywhere for a tutorial but I cant find I thought why dont post it on icon tutorial?There's definitely one out here who know it ....
so finally here's the icon I want to know how to make it hehe

by jess2424

(no subject)

I'm sorry if it is in memories, but I couldn't find it... I was wondering if anyone know a tutorial where I can achieve this text effect:

(Credit to linachu)

The word "within" I'm guessing it's a colorburn shadowdrop thing... but I want to know exactly how to do it... ^_^;;

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