November 12th, 2004

quick posting question

I appologize, this is a banner question. I have a paid account and want to have a banner at the top if my journal. It's uploaded to my account here and I know where the adress goes on my journal format page. What I don't know is what address to put in the href box.
thanks for any info.

(no subject)

Is there a tutorial for making "blinkies" anywhere?
Or can someone point me in the direction of one?
Every tutorial I find has dead links and the photographic aids are now big red X's.

Thank you!

(no subject)

I remember being so frustrated awhile back when I couldn't find a nice tutorial for mini-movie icons, that was easy to do. But now I've learned how, and I've decided to write a basic tutorial for people wanting to learn. ^^ And it's my first, so bear with me. Also, it's got quite tedious explanations, for those absolute beginners benefits. ^^

We're making this icon:

And if yours comes out looking alot like this NOT market it. That's like stealing credit. Got that? ;) Alrighty.

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