November 14th, 2004


Whenever I play media files that are DivX I can't use the step forward function and I can't screen cap, why is this? sorry if this has been asked before.
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what did i do wrong?

I use PSP9...and I used to be able to use my brushes in a "normal" way. I mean, I could click on wherever I wanted the brush and it would do it, but now, I have to drag the brush and it starts off as really small and gets larger and larger and rotates the do I get it back to normal??
Mariska rainbow


I know there's a tutorial somewhere on how to make pictures look like drawings, but I can't find it. I just used it a few days ago, so I know it exists, lol, but I've lost it. I checked the memories, so please don't yell at me! Can someone point me in the right direction??
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My PSP 9 trial expired, so i had to revert back to PSP 8. see the brush on here, the light flesh colored one?

There is actually four of them on there, its one brush multiplied 4 times and re-arranged...I think it was a default brush, but Im not sure. I no longer have it, and I can't find it. If anyone knows where I can find it, I would really appreciate it. If someone has that brush, if you could use it in black on a blank white image, and post it here for me, Id appreciate that too! Thanks a lot!


Does anyone happen to know how to get the affect like THIS? I'm talking about how the picture of Pamela Anderson how her background around her is kind of erased. I know the creator just put the picture on the layout and erased part of the background but can you guys figure out if she used a brush or just a regular eraser?
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I remember there being a website or community, dont remember which one, that helped with suggestions or good lyrics or quotes for icons.i looked through the memories but couldnt find it and im a little stuck with an icon and i really need this site!
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Alright, what am I doing wrong?

When I click on the little text box and try to type, I can't see the words! They just don't appear. However, when I look at the layers box thing, it says "whateverityped", yet I can't see it on the image.
What am I doing wrong!?!?

I'm using Photoshop Elements. Thanks!
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