November 15th, 2004

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Layer Mask Tutorial for Beginners / Blending Pictures Smoothly (Photoshop)

I was asked to make a general tutorial on how to use the layer mask. So here it is. I am going to assume that you know next to nothing about Photoshop. It's short but quite heavy on images, so probably not dial-up friendly. I'm sorry that this isn't strictly icon related but lately, a lot of people have been asking about blending around here so...

I'm using Photoshop 7 but the basics should be fairly similar in other versions, as well (provided that said version has the layer mask tool; just look from slightly different places). EDIT: This technique also works quite similarly in GIMP. Or so I've been told. I have no idea about Paint Shop Pro.

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I need help!

Ok. I wanted to take my own screencaps for icons and for those mini-movie icons. So after looking around a bit I downloaded virtualbug as it sounded like a simple program to use. But I do also have windows media player - I've heard you can take screencaps from that. I have have two questions:
1) Where can I get the clips from to cap? - i've heard something about people download trailers off websites?
2) Can I use DVD's and take screencaps from them - and how do I do it?


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Hey everyone,

I swear, I searched the memories, and if there's a tutorial/question for this, kick me, and I'll delete.

My question: how do you underline text within an icon? And I've also seen icons that have something like a pale border behind the text, and would like to know how you guys do that.

Okay this is an incredibly stupid question, but

If I reset my brushes, will the brushes I've created in Photoshop be deleted? I didn't specifically save them, I only did the "Define Brush" thing (I have Photoshop 7), and me and my stupid head resetted the brushes and now I can't find the ones I created in any file or anything. So, I'm just asking this to be sure: Are they really gone? I'm sorry for the stupid, lameass question, but I'm pretty new at Photoshop and I'm still in shock about what I've done :(.
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