November 18th, 2004

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I was making some icons the other night, and I had to desaturate a layer, so it would be black and white. What I was following was for PS, and it just said "Desaturate the layer". I'm not sure if there's a simpler way to do it, but I did it this way.....I took the layer, and made it greyscale, copied that layer, went to undo so everything went back to color, then pasted that greyscaled image as a new layer, then went on with my icon. So is there a simpler way of doing that, or is that pretty much what I'll need to do all the time?
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Intro With A Question

Hey, it's my first time posting here. I'm not a beginner to PS, but I still have lots of things to work on. Here's my question:

How do you make the curved edges on the side? Thanks for any help.
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Hey, guys. I just have a question about brushes.

I'm using PSP7 for the moment, and I just downloaded the image pack of some brushes. I converted the .abr to .jbr, and I extracted them into the PSP7 brush folder. But they're still not showing up in PSP. Did I need to do something else? I haven't downloaded brushes for PSP for so long, I suck. :(