November 20th, 2004

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Okay, I need help.

I've been trying so hard to figure this out by myself, but I can't.

The problem is that I love the small text effect. People have told me to use Minion, or Arial, or whatever, caps locked at font 8, 10, and smaller with 'Sharp' as the selection for the anti-alias. So I do. And it doesn't look as nice as the small text effects that they do on their own icons. So I play around with the sizes, the fonts, and the anti-alias options. I even try doing the drop shadow effect right behind the letters to make them "stand out" more.

And nothing works.

The fonts look decent enough, but not as good as what I've been seeing elsewhere. They always turn out a little bit blurry, or too small, or too skinny, or it's just ugly overall. The nicest I can get it to look is demonstrated with the current icon. *points*

Please help me? I'd greatly appreciate it because I'd really, really like to use the small text effect. I use PS 7.0.
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Brushes in Image ready

None of my brushes work with Image ready, and it's driving me insane >.<
I tried defining a new brush in PS7 and then using it on IR, and attempted (but could not even find such option) to define one in IR, but it's no use. What I'm trying to do is delete a part of the icon in a manner that I only know how to do with brushes. So I'm stuck. Help?
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Centering text/layers in PS 7

I'm trying to make a graphic that's actually going to be printed on a program, but this would be useful knowledge in general, I think.

I'm trying to center text. I don't mean center-align; I know how to do that. I mean, is there a way, an option somewhere, to make Photoshop center a layer -- say, a line of text -- either horizontally or vertically (or both) within the space of the graphic? I'm pretty good at eyeballing it but for something this important I'd like to be precise, if I can.


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Can someone please tell me how to import brushes into PSP9?!? I'm doing it the same way as PSP8 (Selecting all and going 'create brush from selection') but it's not doing anything!! Any help would by much appreciated, thanks.
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i'm so frustrated!
ok i've looked in all the memories and i can't find a tutorial that tells you how to put scratches on an icon? i'm sure it's somewhere in there but i can't find anything anywhere.

so if anyone could tell me how to make scratches on an icon like on the icon i have now, it would be great.

and i'm using PS7 and ImageReady 7

thanks in advance!
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