November 21st, 2004

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Full icon tutorial (photoshop6)

I felt like doing another tutorial, and I really liked how my Eliza Dushku icon turned out, so I figured, hey, do that one. So, I am. This is done with PS6, but I'm positive all of it can be transfered to PSP.
This is the icon I'm taking inspiration from
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The icons are shareable, with credit and comment. No hotlinking, period.
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Making pictures blend softer

For those of you more technologically advanced I have a question. Once I move something from one pic to another, how do I make that pic transparent? Say I cut out something from one pic and have erased the background and all that jazz... and once I have moved it to the pic I want how do I make it blend in better with the new pic?
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Knight's Tale Icon Tutorial

Hi everybody! I have finally, FINALLY made a tutorial at the request of many.

Now, I usually love to search other’s tutorials to try different styles and all, but this is one I have coined and I have made up. So DO NOT STEAL IT. Use it for ideas. This same thing will not work on every picture you try. Just change it a bit to suit your needs. If I do see you completely recreating my icons, I will send my evil minions after you. Ha ha.

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