November 22nd, 2004



I made my first ever tutorial, because someone requested one for how I made these icons... anyways, here's the icon I'll be showing you how to create:

( Tutorial over here! )

This is my first tutorial ever, so let me know if I should fix/clarify anything...
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I realized I've been in this community for a few days and haven't properly introduced myself ;)
I'm Jerri...and I'm an icon-whore. LOL. I take with asking of course, but to me, icons are like jewelry for your livejournal. I have made a few simple...boring ones, but I'm interested in finding out how to make nicer more creative ones. So any thing would help tons! Thank ya!
<3 Jerri
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I'm using PSP7.

my question is when i crop stuff the background color goes along the edge. I make it "null" in the color pallette, but it doesnt show null up top that shows the colors on the palette.

is there a way to stop that?

thanks in advance.
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(no subject)

Can someone tell me how to get the type of coloring (like on my icon). Is it in brightness/contrast. How do I get that "old-fashioned" or whatever effect. I'm using PSP7. Or something like this:

title or description


Comments on icons.

I hope this is allowed in here. It's somewhat (but not entirely) related to icons, so... just answer it anyway. *grins* Please?!

Does anyone know of an active community where people (especially novice icon makers) post some of the icons that they've made and other more experienced icon-makers tell them whether it is good or bad/how they can improve on their work? I know that we can ask questions about icons here, but I was wondering if an actual community existed for the aforementioned purpose.

Thanks for your time, anyhow. ;)

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IM trying to use color in my Adobe photoshop but its turning everything i touch into grey! When i click the color i'll show up in the color box, but when i use my brushes, it will become grey and so the paint from the "brush" is grey! WHAT GOIN ON!?!? *freaking out!*