November 23rd, 2004

belle beautiful

Hi, there, new...

Hi, there, I'm new :)

How would you make a gorgeous icon like this?

(made by xgirlnxd)

Be simple if you can tell me please, thanks.

I have no idea how. I've got ImageReady, PS7, PSP7, Animation Shop....


bright colors. im stuck

okay ive been trying and trying to get bright colors
like this one

made by the icon goddess calixa

however i have failed in each attempt. many other people have been able to conquer this but i have not. is it color burn or what? i tried just putting something on screen but it didn't come out right....

any help would be appreciated since all my icons have that "dusty" look i want to go for more of a bright look.
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I'm using this picture of Ron by teh_indy and I'm having trouble finding a way to might it brighter. I've tried adjusting the brightness/contrast and then a saturated layer over it and also desaturated the first layer and puting the second to screen and both ways make it look weird. Can anyone give me any other suggestions?

Hello! Newbie here - and also...HELP!? Outlining and fonts using PS8 (CS).

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Hi, I'm new to this community, and wanted to take this moment to say hello and to say what an amazing community this is! It's so wonderful how everyone helps each other out - we all have to start somewhere, and although I've been making icons and graphics for some time now, we all need a little help from time to time! It cheers me to see how helpful and friendly everyone is here!

Now, my query is two fold!!

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Newbie who needs help with PSP8

Hey, I have a small problem... I can't get my text on anything to be solid. With the stroke width at 0.0 pixels, it's just white, with it at 1.0 pixles, it only has a bit of color around the edges. The higher I get, the more color it gets, yes, but also the more blurry and tough to read it gets...

If anyone could teach me how to do that, I would love them forever. And how to get the brushes I downloaded to work...
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