November 24th, 2004

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Just wondering if you guys had to choose one singular program to use in regards to making icons, what would it be and why?

Note:I looked through memories, so if this has been answered I apologize.

Have problem with Photoshop 7

Yesterday I tried to put text on an icon, but it didn't work. The box for the text would show up but the little flashing line won't show up...and my text won't show up. Well it doesn't work on an icon...The flashing bar is mini that we can't see it...If anyone know this problem, please comment =\
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Image Ready help

Uh, I opened Image Ready by mistake once, thinking it was Photoshop CS, and I closed most of the windows visible before I realized it wasn't Photoshop. Now, when I want to use Image Ready to create a animation, I have no idea how to, because I can't find the animation menu. 8D; Help please?
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text problem

I'm having a problem with text in PS7. I wanted to put black text against a dark background and outline it with a light color using Stroke. For some reason the outline comes out looking really jagged and blurry. I tried changing the colors, reversing them, etc., but it looks the same no matter what I do. Any ideas?
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(no subject)

Hey, I've recently loaded Adobe Photoshop onto my new computer and I'm having a problem saving images as in GIF or PNG format, the option just isn't on the list and it doesn't recognise them when I try to open them on it.

I'm sure I've just forgot to set some setting or something (like at the begining when it asks you for associated files... which it didn't this time). Can anyone help me?

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In Search of 'Lost' pictures for icon bases!

I think my subject says it all. I am looking for pictures/screen caps from the American television show 'Lost'. It can be a website, a cap resource, anything. I don't really care what characters are in the pictures, just as long as there are pictures.

I'm desperate, please. *big smile*

<3 S.
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damn text.

I have a question about text. I checked the memories too, and found it, but didn't understand.

How do you make the text transparent (to an extent), but keep the outline completely dark and visible? I read something about copying and pasting images. How do you copy and paste? I'm using photoshop elements. So, if anyone can explain it to me I'd appreciate it, thank you. :)