November 25th, 2004


On the hunt...

I'm looking for these gorgeous texture/gradients that I saw somewhere the other day and thought to myself 'I shall have to come back and snag those' but I didn't memorise it or bookmark it. Silly.

Anyway, they are very gorgeous and not in a zip file or anything...and I will hand out some serious love to whomsoever can point me in the right direction....
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Quest for Text

Hello everyone, hoping someone can offer some assistance.
I am trying to find out which font is used for this icon.

I cannot remember who I got the icon from (it was long ago before I learned to credit appropriately, so I beg forgiveness of the person who did created it)

Thanks so much in advance to anyone that can help!

Have a great Thanksgiving!


Capping Issues

So very very frustrating but I'm hoping the good people of here can help me :)

I had Power DVD 4 which I had no problems capping from. I recently upgraded to Power DVD 5 which has required me to take down my hardware acceleration, something 4 never needed. My caps are coming out rather badly :(

Can anyone tell me if version 6 has the requirement? Or possibly tell me how to improve my capping quality?