November 26th, 2004

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Long time since I've asked for help or even posted in this community *ung*.

I've been looking for a tutorial for icons like the following (both made by beautiful booster_rocket). Mainly I'd like to know the type of coloring on both icons - if it is done by gradients or something else. Also I'd like to know how to get the small white bar line on the first one. If you guys could point me in a direction for tutorials with these types of techinques I'd love you all more~~ thank you!

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Hi. I had a quick question. I'm thinking about getting Adobe Photoshop(I Have Paint Shop Pro 7), but I wasn't sure what version to get or the differences or anything. Any suggestions? or ideas... thanks!
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i have a problem.
I use PSP8 and the problem is, when I try to use small font... around size 7...
the font starts to become blurry and you cannot really read what it says at ALL... this didnt happen before >.< and i am starting to think I messed up the settings or something.

could anyone help me and please tell me what the settings for text need to be?
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Screen Capping

alright so i looked in the memories and im still having problems
i have powerdvd, but it looks like its an older version, and instead of the camera button it shows an angle button..even tho it says its 4.0? idk, i looked for an update and i cant find one, i tried to d/l a newer version and none of them work
i have the newest windows media player...the ctrl i thing doesnt work, and my print screen button...has never worked, i have no clue why, but it doesnt work on anything. so if there are any other programs i could use? or if someone could help me with the ones that i do have, itd be greatly appreciated :)
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I have a small question. I know this may not be -icon- related, but I don't really know where to ask this. I noticed while following a few tutorials on making graphics and stuff, that I don't have 'distort', 'artistic' or 'brush strokes' in my Filters of my Photoshop (7). Is there any reason why this may be? I'm really curious as to know why this is.