November 29th, 2004



ok this is gonna be kinda ambiguous to a point, but hopefully you can follow me.

i see a lot of icons made w/ diff contrasts/effects. I know that a lot of people change the color (i know how to do that), and then use exclusion and such. HOWEVER, what are some of the colors/gradients, and other type of effects that people use to make a lot of the icons you see. especially celeb/movie ones.

i hope that made sense.

i guess here are some examples. these are general ones tho.


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Christmas-type Brushes?

This has nothing to do with icons, I'm sorry =( But I does anyone know where to find brushes in a Christmas theme? Like, mistletoe, doves, ribbons, bows, stars, snow... anything like that would be fine. I looked around 100x100 brushes but didn't find anything... And it would be perferable if the brushes were over 100 by 100 pixels but if it ins't it's fine to because I can just resize them.

Please, thank you and happy holidays =)

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I was wondering if anyone had any useful tutorials on
Microsoft Picture it! Photo Premium 9.


I am making just..dinky icons and i really want to move on.
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I've got a problem.

I make minimovie icons using ImageReady, and I've been trying to fade the video out to black using tween. But whenever I do so, the little movie frame goes shooting to the center of the icon and the base part dissapears.

So basically my question is- how can I fade a minimovie to black?

Text size problem

I use adobe photoshop 6.0 and recently, when I try to put text on an image, it comes out the wrong size. like when I want it it be size 72, it comes out looking more like size 10. It's only in photoshop and imageready... no where else. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Appreciate any help! Thanks.