November 30th, 2004



Alrighty. I just searched through every single memory in the PowerDVD section and read every comment and I'm still having issues.

So, I put in Pirates of the Caribbean into my DVD Player. PowerDVD popped up. I started watching the movie and I got it to the point I wanted to cap. I paused it, then went to the exact frame and then was ready to cap. I knew that hitting Print Screen probably wouldn't work, but I tried it anyway. I got Collapse )

So then, I hit C like all of the memory posts told me. I went into Paint Shop Pro 8 and pasted and I got the same picture.

I read in the memories about a camera button. If you look at my menu in the picture, you'll see that I don't have that button. I went to Configuration and tried to do what the memories said, but I didn't see it.

So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Oh, and because my father is extremely paranoid, I can't use Kazaa or Limewire or whatever to download any programs.

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icon by saava

Hello. I wanted to know how do you get the color that the icon above has? I'm pretty sure it's an exclusion layer, but what color should I use? Also, how do you get the color to get that brightness to it? Am I making sense? I hope so. Thanks in advance =)
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Quick question...
I've been using the trial of PSP9, which I love, but since it ran out today, I am back to using PSP8. Can someone tell me if there is an option for anti-aliasing (is that a word?) text like in PSP9 where you can choose sharp or smooth? I can't seem to figure it out, and some fonts need either one or the other.