November 30th, 2004



Alrighty. I just searched through every single memory in the PowerDVD section and read every comment and I'm still having issues.

So, I put in Pirates of the Caribbean into my DVD Player. PowerDVD popped up. I started watching the movie and I got it to the point I wanted to cap. I paused it, then went to the exact frame and then was ready to cap. I knew that hitting Print Screen probably wouldn't work, but I tried it anyway. I got Collapse )

So then, I hit C like all of the memory posts told me. I went into Paint Shop Pro 8 and pasted and I got the same picture.

I read in the memories about a camera button. If you look at my menu in the picture, you'll see that I don't have that button. I went to Configuration and tried to do what the memories said, but I didn't see it.

So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Oh, and because my father is extremely paranoid, I can't use Kazaa or Limewire or whatever to download any programs.

hepburn // away we go.

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icon by saava

Hello. I wanted to know how do you get the color that the icon above has? I'm pretty sure it's an exclusion layer, but what color should I use? Also, how do you get the color to get that brightness to it? Am I making sense? I hope so. Thanks in advance =)

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My PHOTOSHOP 7.0 isn't loading properly, it like opens up, and it still has the opening white screen where its showing the credits, and when you'd think it would be done, its just 'gone'.

Has anybody ever had this problem before, if so HOW did you fix it :\

Mariska rainbow

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Quick question...
I've been using the trial of PSP9, which I love, but since it ran out today, I am back to using PSP8. Can someone tell me if there is an option for anti-aliasing (is that a word?) text like in PSP9 where you can choose sharp or smooth? I can't seem to figure it out, and some fonts need either one or the other.