December 1st, 2004


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Hey folks,

I've seen this type of icon going around and tried to make one. (shown icon in question)I like it but...I think it could be improved upon. Can I ask what you guys like to do when it comes to background and foreground texts (i.e., favoured fonts/effects for each?) checked the mems, but I didn't see anything for this.
O RLY house

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I have a question. I have PSP 9 and I was wondering if all the brushes from all the other PSP versions worked. Does anyone have PSP 9 and know, if the work and if so how to do it.


About text...

and YES I have overlooked many tutorials in the 'text-related' memories, but I couldn't find it. I always have trouble making the text descent. :( I mean the pixel fonts as well. Just stroking the text and using a couple layer styles doesn't seem to help much. Is there some order, or steps anyone can tell me for making it look good? Especially pixel fonts, but all text in general. Thank you for any help.. :)

OH! perfect example, my icon I'm using to post this... by Lynn/xgirlnxd. The text is so pretty! The inside's kind of transparent or something.. ?

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i saved some brushes to my brush folder for PSP7, and they were working fine. now, any that i download are not showing up, but ones that i downloaded earlier still work.

i changed them from .abr to .jbr. would that have anything to do with it?

any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

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Does anyone know how to get this effect? Particularly the part where is has her face behind her. How do you do that? Some kind of blending technique, or is it easier that that? I have no clue... I'm still new to Photoshop (6) Any help is greatly appreciated.