December 5th, 2004

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Here's a tutorial for this icon:

Image Program: PSP9 (I think it will make perfect sence with PSP8, too)
Knowledge needed: basic (layering, blend modes, etc.)
Tutorial requested by: takentoken

( Through the Veil... )

Please don't follow this tutorial step by step, and then call the resulting icon your own creation! This tutorial is just to show people some new things that they might not have known, and to get their creative juices flowing. :)
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i was wondering if anyone could help me. im making an icon and i would really like to use scanlines(blinds) on it. however, im using photoshop. does anyone thing they could give me a 100x100 screencap of scanlines close together. thanks in advance.
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In case this would help anyone, I've written up a tutorial for some of my more icon-illiterate friends. I thought I'd post it here since it's technically a tutorial, though most of you are probably already familiar with the technique. Anyway.

This is a tutorial for PSP7 (fully translatable), with a little bit of knowledge of the program necessary beforehand. It's for color and lighting effects.
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in 6 easy steps!

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