December 6th, 2004

Porcelain Skin?

I was wondering if someone had a tutorial for the porcelain skin effect like the icon below made by unwoundfantasy (for PS7):

Yes, I read the memories and the one link I found in there, I really did not find helpful ( this one here ). The end result, to me, doesn't look like what I'm trying to accomplish (which is the above). I really don't want to harass the icon maker x_x so if anyone has a link? Maybe to a website? I've checked some PS tutorial sites out there but haven't seen anything. Thank you in advance.
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What are some narrow, but readable, fonts?

The only one I've got that I like is Rock It (the word "rockstar" in the icon i'm using right now).

Any suggestions? =D

Photoshop equvilants.

So sorry if that has been posted but I flicked through the memories and couldn't find anything relating to this. If it has, please, slap me with a dead fish and then I will delete this.

Does anyone know what the Photoshop equvilants - or what steps can be used to achieve similar effects - of Fade Correction (is that the correct name for it? It's something very close to that, anyway) and Enchance Photo --> Clarify are? I just see these used alot in PSP tutorials and the results are very nice. So, anyone?

Once, I apologize if that has been posted/answeared.
- DM.
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Ok, any help here would be so appreciated - I also appreciate that this isn't completely icon related, but it's close! Please feel free to delete if I'm breaking any codes of conduct...

I compressed my Bridget mood theme with WinRar, (it's the only zipping/compression tool I have on my pc) and it is now in it's nice little package - only, I can't seem to get it to upload for some reason onto either my photobucket or image shack!!!


Anyone got any other ideas? I'm just banging my head off the proverbial brick wall now!! Does anyone else have a specific image hoster for this type of folder? So many people have downloads avaliable for people to access mood themes etc, I just wonder how they do it!! lol!!

Any help would be sooooooo appreciated before I implode with the frustration!! Many thanks and Chrimbo cookies!!! ;o)
Rock on!


Hi, first time posting here. It's a simple question, I hope you can help me. I d/l Photoshop 7 and once I installed it and open it this box shows up. I think it says to move some file around but I'm not quite sure what this means so any help is really appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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