December 8th, 2004


PSP7 Fonts:

Does anyone know how to make fonts look like these with Paint Shop Pro 7?
(you may need to view pictures in the 'comments' section of this entry if they are not showing up... I don't know why that happens with AOL's ftp space)

by ushitora_icons
by riven
by sapphynashi

Thanks in advance! ^-^
~Michie III
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John Krasinski = <3

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Kinda O/T but...

Where do you host your images at?? Because when I use photobucket it distorts the pictures... Like I noticed the pictures like for icon tutorials are really clear but when I upload to PB it like completely makes it looks crappy...Thank you for the help!!

(And if this is TOO off topic mods you can delete this by all means :)!)

Thanks again!

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