December 9th, 2004

kuzco D:

Two pictures in one icon

Does anyone know of a good tutorial (or have any tips) that deals with putting two pictures in one icon? I don't want to make a blend, but I just want to have two pictures in it. It should sort of be like the one that I'm posting with, although i don't think I did that very well so it's not the greatest example. The icon that I want to make would use two totally different pictures. Hopefully you know what I mean - anybody know of a good tutorial for something like this? Thanks very much.
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I was wondering if anyone could point to me a tutorial or something for an icon like this?

by defeated

I have animation shop and also image ready, but I haven't figured out how to use image ready yet.

P.S. where can i get the brush? the arrow in the icon? Or is that even a brush?