December 10th, 2004

  • armelle

arrrggghh! TEXT issues in ps cs

if someone could help with this by 3 pm, i will send you a virtual cookie.

1. i click on the T to start typing on a picture i've run through photoshop (layered and flattened and saved as a gif). when i start typing, i get a layer of red and blinking, selected text. what's going on? why is it doing this? why only some pics and not others? how do i get it to just type out the text in the color and font i want?

2. this really has me boggled. ALL type in ps cs is stuck in capital mode. caps lock is not on. i have the character menu open and don't see an option for 'upper and lower case.' i don't know what's going on for this at all.

i have looked thru the memories and thru ps's help files. if anyone has answers for me (quickly), i would appreciate it greatly.

riding a wild hair, i clicked on IMAGE then MODE. 'indexed color' was selected. i selected RGB COLOR instead and have had both problems go away. (i get to give myself a cookie i guess.)
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comm- chang fminus

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I've looked in the memories and I've had no I'm hoping someone here can help!

I'm trying to make an icon where it looks like there is smoke rising. I'm sorry, I don't have an's just something that I've been wanting to try.

Please help!!!
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[misc] my beach

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Can someone help me?

Yesterday I installed a bunch of brushes on PSP7 (well, not installed them, I downloaded the image packs and copy-and-pasted the ones I wanted). And now PSP has done the weirdest thing it's ever done, which is saying a lot, trust me. It's sort of duplicated a bunch of brushes I already had, like the ones that came with the program - it's duplicated them all, and deleted most of the ones I put in yesterday. Should I try deinstalling them all and putting them back again? Or...what?

Help? Please? I will be unbelievably grateful.