December 11th, 2004

okay? okay.

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I'm in the process of installing a trial version of Adobe PS and IR. My problem is, at one point in the process, the menu requests the insertion of a CD-Rom. Because I'm downloading the trial version from the Adobe site, I do not have the CD-Rom. If someone could tell me what I should do next, I'd appreciate it. (I hope this is allowed ... If not, I will delete it.) =)
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GGD: Jonny/Dimmed and Gone

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can some please help me to achieve the desired look of this icon?

I've been tying to learn how to do that dreamy kinda of look to an anime icon for months! I imagine a motion or gassius blur filter is involved, but I can't get my icons to look like that at all.
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Question. Very, very important question. VERY important.

My photoshop has worked fine up until now, but around Thursday night something weird happened. I opened photoshop, and whenever I double clicked on a gradient to change it, the window with all the options moved up the screen a little. Every time I open the edit gradients window, it moves up a little further every time, until I eventually cannot see it anymore. It then pops right back to where it should be and the process begins over again.

This doesn't just happen with this options window. It's ALL options windows, and I can't for the life of me understand why. I didn't do anything to it: it just started doing it by itself.

I have uninstalled and reinstall photoshop many, many times, to no avail. What's worse, the last time I reinstalled it, when I tried clicking the gradient options window open again, it did it as before, but when it got to the top of the screen it kept going, rather than returning to its original position as it had before.

I'm a pure photoshop junkie so if anyone knows what's wrong with it, and can help, that would be appreciated.
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