December 18th, 2004


First tutorial...

This is mainly for vinyldaiquiri, but its also for everybody else.^^

The question was about icons like this one... (post here) I decided to help since I had just been showing someone the same thing the day before.

This if for Adobe Photoshop

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I really hope that helped! Lyrics are from Smashing Blue, icon made by me, character from Gravitation.

EDIT: I don't have the original 1.2.3. thing, but I attempted to get the images as close as possible to how they were!
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Petal animation.

I've seen a lot of people use the falling petals effect, seen in this icon:

[Credit to kyohaku_icons]

I'm not sure whether it's some sort of brush that is moved around and animated or some sort of cut-out, but if anyone has any ideas as to how to recreate this effect, that'd be really helpful. :D

Also, I use Photoshop CS.
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Whenever I crop something then it takes about five minutes for the computer to load the pic dunno why and then it finally crops the pic only the size of the pic has changed to about 30000000 by 500000000. Basically the pic turns immense and then I have to go back and resize it again. In all it takes about ten minutes just to crop a simple little pic.

Any suggestions?

I have psp8
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Ok so, I've been making icons for a while, but now when I try to animate them they come out looking like this:

If someone could try to help me, that'd be great...i'm really frustrated...

edit: Got it! thanks to all who helped*

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Alright, a minor entry, but I have an awful, old version of PSP. So. As a moron, I ask you this question: How do I get myself an upgrade, as I am quite fed up with this version?
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So, I looked through the memories and couldn't find anything about this, although I remember someone posting about it a while back. Does anyone know where I can find the brushes that have the little decorative-type things, like on THIS? I thought I had them on my computer, but I seem to have lost them.
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Well, I'm quite perplexed. Could someone give me a brief explanation of what gradients are and what they can be used for?
Are they a way of giving your icons a textured look, or is that something I'd be doing with brushes?

Sorry I'm not more specific, I'm veeery curious!
I use PSP8 by the way.


Well, Im using Adobe Photoshop Elements Version 2.0.

I was wondering if their was any way to make the shapes be only outlines, instead of solid colors, like outlines of a talk bubble, or just a black outline of a circle with white filled in.

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Yes...Im here to ask agggaaain! *lol*
I wanted to find out how did the amazing  rainblows did her icon like this below..

 I suspect it must be gradient..but how do you achieve the light effect?Any help appreciated! Thanks!

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