December 21st, 2004

text issues

i use psp 8 and no matter what i do, i can't make my text on icons legible! it's fine if it's a big image or whatever, but when i want to do something 100 x 100 pixels it never works.

i use the anit-alias, but i just don't know what i'm doing wrong. it doesn't matter the font or the size. well, if i use some pixel fonts at the smallest size, i can read them, but the text is so boring! and i've seen it looking great on other icons and i'm fed up!

just for the hell of it, here are some icons with GREAT text and i wish i could do even mediocre text. maybe one day i'll have text like these ones:

(by no1_antielitist)
(by alid3y)
(by caoidh)
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PDVD5/BSPlayer help needed.

I'm surfing for a new capping program that will let me take 1024x768 sized caps, and I've heard great things about PowerDVD5. However, does anyone know if it will cap .AVIs or .MPEGs?

Or, if it doesn't, does anyone know how to make BSPlayer take hi-res caps? I've edited the settings, but it never actually takes the big caps, it just takes caps of the movie's original size.

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I'm curious as to how a person would go about getting these effects:

To be more specific, the way they look kind of blurry/greyish while the text looks 'oldish'...erm, that's a bad way to explain it, but you know what I mean. :)

And also, on these ones, the way it seems like there's a cloud or fog or something in one corner, but then the other corner is completely clear and the text doesn't seem affected by it. It seems like a gradient:

Annnnnd...what font was used. ^^'

It's probably the same effects on both sets. Ah well.

I use PS7. :)

(Icons by tiger_priestess)
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Ok! I am going to be a big blondy and ask how to use/install new font and brushes that I have downloaded!! I didn't find anything about that in the memories so I had to ask!! I have been having sssoooo much trouble triying to do this that I turne to you guys for help! ^_^
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I just recently joined but I now present you with a fairly simple icon tutorial. My first, too.
We will be making this on PS7:

Click on the icon to redirect.
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Call me stupid and dumb if this has been in the memories but I couldn't find it..

I want to know how you make an avatar which has a little vid in it.. You see some people have a big picture and then in it a little cutout which has a small vid repeatly playing.

I am sure it is pretty easy to make... but at the moment I can't figure it out :S

*feels stupid*