December 25th, 2004

  • cherreh

Enhancing Bad-Quality Caps using PSP7

As requested, here is a tutorial for the icon below using PSP7. It requires a basic knowledge of PSP7 (i.e. create a new layer, changing blend modes, et cetera). As always, don't create a clone icon; this tutorial is just meant to help you find ways to enhance bad-quality screencaps.

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If you have any questions, comments, etc, or if you need me to clear anything up for you, just leave a comment and I'll help you if I can.

Merry Christmas, by the way! [And/or Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or anything else anyone celebrates.]
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Cheshire Cat

(no subject)

I made this icon:   and i want to know what others think I should add to it to make it look better. i use psp8, so any help is great. thanx! also, can someone explain to me in human terms what the flood fill terms such as overlay, burn, exclusion and such? i have psp8 (as i said above) thanx for all of your help!
lok and guin

I'm having a problem with my brushes

There actually IS a topic about this in the memories but it doesn't help me--none of the suggestions seem to apply.

Anyway, all of my brushes are suddenly showing up as very light. One in particular I've used for months, since I first started making icons. It's always been very solid--now whenever I use it I have to duplicate it about five times before it's completely opaque. I have the brush mode set on normal with one hundred percent opacity. I always apply my brushes on their own layer.

Any idea what could suddenly be causing this and what setting I can change to fix it? I know some setting had to have been altered but I can't for the life of me figure out which.

All suggestions are appreciated. :)

ETA: I use PS7