December 26th, 2004


Okay, so this isn't quite icon related, but I'm having a problem and I wasn't sure where else to go for help, so hopefully ya'll don't mind me posting this here.

I'm having a problem saving images, almost every time I right click an image and try to save it, it saves as a .bmp image. It's about to drive me nuts, and I don't know why it's doing this, or how to fix it. So, if anyone could please help me and tell me how to fix this, I'd really appreciate it.

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Text ideas?

Heh, yeah, not only am I new to this community, but I'm also fairly new to icon-making, so I guess I'm still kind of testing the waters, figuring out how stuff works, that kind of thing. Anyway, I was wondering, how do you all get your ideas for text? It's really my weak subject, so I end up making a lot of textless icons. Blar!
  • myryana

Hm problem in Photoshop CS

When I try to use the 04b_03b font in photoshop CS it looks really big (even with the smalles px size). Does anyone know how I fix that? Or is it fixable?

I also have photoshop 7 and it works properly there.

(I have a not legal version of CS so maybe that's the problem..)
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Saving images as .JPGs in PowerDVD

I've seen this asked here and in other communities, and since I was bored, I experimented. And succeeded. :D

What you do is go to your configuration >> general, then down at the bottom there's a box that says 'advanced' - click it. Go to 'capture', then click 'capture to file' and beneath that a line appears with the place your screencaps are going to. At the very end, it should list a filename with .BMP at the end as the file extension, and change it to .JPG. Voila.

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Simple, no? :)

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I've been through the memories, and I think there was a post like this, but there wasn't much on it.
After I download fonts from dafont (or whatever it was) and extract the zip file to the font folder, I can't use the font. Any help?
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I Am PS7-Stupid.

I have been following this community for some time and a lot of your tutorials and memories have helped me figure things out. (Thanks.) However, every memory I found that pertained to brushes didn't have the questions I have about brushes. My first question is... How does someone, who has never made anything but basic icons and basic layouts in PS7, make a brush?

Also, I have tried downloading brushes from teh_indy and other places, but I find that I am unable to activate them in my PS7. I do not have an active WinZip account, but this hasn't stopped me from unzipping mood-themes, dafont files, and MP3s. So... what could it be and is there another, non-zipped way, to download and utilize brushes?
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