December 28th, 2004

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Screencaps for icons?

Recently, my beloved laptop crashed, taking with it my entire hard drive. I have been fortunate enough to get a new one, but, alas, it does not have WinDVD4, which is the nicest thing for capping ever, since I'm fond of doing all my own capping for icons. It has some sort of bizarre program called PowerDVD instead, which is really a very annoying program.

Is there any way I can caps from PowerDVD? (My new laptop also does NOT have a Print Screen button.) Or is there any way I can get WinDVD4, even though it's a basic Windows program? (And why do I not have it anyway?)

Thanks in advance.
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Gradient question

okay, I'm trying to make my own gradients and it's working. I'm just wondering, how would I save them? Whenever I make a gradient, it doesn't show up as an option and it doesn't change the gradient I was working on. For example, I took the chrome gradient, and changed some of the coloring and stuff, but I can't make it part of the set. If I decide to use another gradient, the one I made doesn't save. I tried save as but it saves the set except for my custom gradient. Do I make sense? I'm using PS7 btw
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(no subject)

Hey all, I was wondering if in PS7 there is a way to use a brush and a gradient. Kinda like how you can in PSP7, use a brush with a gradient instead of a normal colour. I haven't been able to figure it out yet. Any help would be appreciated. I looked in the memories, but didn't see it. If it's there, could you point me to it? I didn't see anything on what I was looking for. Thanks!