December 31st, 2004

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Hi gang!

In working on organizing the memories and tidying up the userinfo, I've come across something I need y'all to help with.

If you have any other websites or livejournal communities that you use frequently, and the sites have lots of tutorials (not an icon site that happens to have a tutorial, but a tutorial site), can you please leave a link here, and also mention what they're tutorials for?

I want to maximize our potential as a resource community, and links to other resources will help with that.

Also, Happy New Year! I don't think it's actually quite 2005 anywhere yet, but it will be by the time some of you read this, so enjoy. :)
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HA! I just figured something out, and I feel smart! (Although a ton of people probably know this, but oh well lol!) And, it's so simple, it doesn't even need an LJ Cut!!

Have you ever had a screencap you were trying to use to make an icon/graphic, but it was tinted blue? Do you ever get fed up using the lasso tool to re-color ever little section? Try this! (this sound like an advertisement...lord help me...)

take a cap (like this one, and make a new layer. Fill it with this color #E8B384 or a variation of that. Set the layer to soft light. And you have your skin color back! See?

Hope that helped!! ;)

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Newbie here and at icon making...

Hi, I was looking through the memories and everything but I just got PSP 9 and there don't seem to be many for it. I'm very confused on how to work layers and such...I will read more of the user guide but 484 pages is a lot to go through. Anyways I would love it if someone could explain the whole layers thing or if you could lead me to something describing PSP 9 icon making in a simple way. :) Thanks ahead of time. Oh and I know this is just for icons but does anyone know how to make colorbars? yet again thank you and Happy New Year
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I'm new! I'm not active on LJ but I am on GJ. I've just noticed that LJ has much better communities!

I was wondering how this blur affect was done & also the fading text affect. Please & thank you!

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Ok i have looked around in the memories and i have probably missed it. How do you make you own Gradients? I don't even know how to do a 2-color gradient let alone a three color one. And that's all i found. I need to learn from the beginning. So if someone can point me in the direction of a tutorial? [My program is Photoshop 7] thanks for your time and Happy New Year! -- Jane
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Michelle Trachtenberg Icon Tutorial

We're going to make this icon: using psp8 (paint shop pro8).

And a bonus! By doing one step differently, we'll also be making this icon:

It's not hard =P

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If you need anything clarified, let me know and I will edit the tutorial to include more images or whatever is needed.

B.T.W. this is my first tutorial ever =D
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