May 30th, 2005

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Stupid text problem in PSP9

Okay, I'm having problems. Maybe someone else has had this prob and knows how to fix it? Okay, here it is: I'm trying to do text on a curve/line thingie. I set down my vector line. No problem. I hover over with the text tool, special cursor comes up, no problem. Even the text box comes up. Now there's a problem. No matter what I do, the frigging text won't show up. I've tried everything and I'm about to throw my comp out the damn window. Any suggestions??

x-posted in the hopes that someone can prevent me from commiting technocide.

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I'm interested in making an icon with a light effect similar to this:
(Credit to detoxcocktails)

I've tried using light effect brushes, but the brush colors the opposite part of what I want. Like this:

I'm relatively new to Photoshop and am probably missing something really basic, but could anyone help me or point me to a tutorial that would show me how to do this?

Thank so much
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I've read in Photoshop tutorials, when working with text, to set the "tracking," or spacing between the letters. I've looked everywhere and I can't find that in my program. Could someone help me please? I use Photoshop CS.
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Tutorial: How to give keyword credit

Ok, so this isn't a tutorial about making icons, but rather what to do with the ones you didn't make. And it may seem like a "duh" to a lot of you; it did to me too. But I've gotten enough questions about it in the past, and have seen enough people who honestly don't seem to know how to do it that I wrote a tutorial. Perhaps it will be helpful. ;)

The question of exactly how to credit seems to be a pretty common one, so this is a brief tutorial on just that: a keyword credit how-to.

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And that's all there is to giving keyword credit for icons. :)

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I have a question about using downloaded gradients.

How does one use the gradients if they're in .jgd form? I can't open the files in psp8. Am I missing a crucial step?

Reducing File Size

I'm trying to make an animated avatar, but the file size is too big. How do you change the file size (without making changes to the actual frames), even if it means the quality will not be as good? I use Image Ready.

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I'm really sorry, this is a really stupid question. But I have PS6 and there aren't many memories with PS6 (unless I missed it, in which case I appologize a million times). But I was expiramenting with getting the really soft, porcelain skin look. One of the things someone said was to "fill the layer with color". I tried to do that with the color overlay, but that doesn't do anything. I don't know how to fill in PS6, basically. I'm new to PS6, so I don't really know much about it. If anyone could PLEASE help me, that would be amazing. Thank you so much and I'm sorry for my ignorance.

<3 Jessi
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Animation Saving Help

I use PSP7 & 9 & Animation Shop 3. When i go to save my animation no matter if i use better quality or smaller size, the colors are drastically different from what they started out to be. Here are pictures for example.
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Is there any way to fix this? Please tell me there is, i don't want my pics looking that horrible! Thanxs in advance.

Animated Icons

Alright I know somebody asked a question like this, but it didn't help me any. I can't see the animated icons. I use Internet Explorer. We have Google pop-up blocker and EZ firewall. Just in case it has something to do with those. So somebody please help me cause this is really annoying!

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I'm here with another question for those iPod graphics.

When making the iPod wires, I usually use the penicl or a brush on 1px, but since the wires have to curve some to make it realistic, they turn out jagged :/ I've tried using blur on the wires, but that didn't make it look much better. Anyone have any advice to make the wires smooth?

edit:sorry, I use ps7

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I am sure that people have asked this question many times (and I'm sure that there was one entry about this!), but I didn't find any help for me, so I just have to ask now.

How to make that background for text? :> I'm using PhotoShop 7.0.
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Photoshop Problem

Ok I know this is going to sound a bit irrelevant but I really need help. I cant work when something is distracting me and something is coming up in Photoshop 7. Whenever I open a picture, there is a gray number O1 at the top left corner and beside it, something that looks like an envelope? There also seems to be a blue border around my picture. It isnt on the picture after I save but its there while im working in photoshop. Can somebody please help me to turn it off or get rid of it?

I have a screencapture under the cut.

Which reminds me of another problem I have... I try to screencap from Windows Media Player and it turns out black when I try to save the capture in MSPaint. I was trying to take screencaptures when that gray 01 box thing happened, actually. But I really care more about the gray box right now. I'd really appreciate any help.

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