November 7th, 2005


Beginner Brushes Tutorial

This is a very very beginner tutorial on brushes and how to use them. This will be helpful for people who are just starting out making icons.

You keep hearing about brushes....try adding a brush, or where did you find that brush, etc..............what the heck is a brush? It's kind of hard to explain actually. So I thought a little tutorial with pictures on how to use them would be the best way to explain brushes.

This tutorial was made using Photoshop Elements 3.0, but I think it will be helpful no matter what graphics program you are using.

Beginner Brushes Tutorial
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I"m totally new to icons, ps cs2, and LJ...but I have a question. When I'm in CS2 and I change the image becomes so small that I can't see to work on it anymore, but when I save it...its the perfect size. Can someone please tell me what I'm doing or what setting I need to change so its large enough to still work with. Thanks in advance. _Cat
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I feel so incredibly stupid asking this question. I had psp7, but I decided to try psp8, but I really have no idea how to work anything. So I'm trying to upload brushes, but Im not sure how to, exactly.

If you could help,that'd be great

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I noticed that a few people were having problems with this, so I decided to post it.

♥ Do not re-write this tutorial and post it as your own.
♥ You may refer others to it if you need, but you need membership (join the community) to see it.
♥ This tutorial is made for Paintshop Pro 8, but I'm sure it can be translated into other versions. Photoshop, I don't know.

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