January 1st, 2006

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Animation Question

I've looked through all the archives, and I can't seem to find a tutorial for this. Can anyone tell me how to achieve an effect like the one on this icon?

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I have Photoshop 7, PSP7, Animation Shop 3, and Image Ready 7. Thank ya'll in advance!

(side note, if this is your icon, please tell me so I can credit you)
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Ferris Bueller animated

How do I do this? My situation is that I do not have the clip saved to my computer so I have to put the DVD in my hardrive. Someone said that I can use a program called DVDx to convert the clip on the DVD that I want directly to a .avi file I downloaded the program but I have no idea how to start converting it. Hold on, is it the DivX Converter 6.0.3 that I need or the DivX Player?
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Jensen laughing

(no subject)

I've recently acquired Photoshop CS and have been having some problems using it. For starters, it won't open .png files, and I don't know how to change that. Also, the option to 'save for web' is greyed out and I can't use it. How do I fix it? Am I missing a plug-in?

One last thing. Since the memories feature is unavailable I'm going to ask a pretty silly question, so excuse my ignorance: Can I use brushes made for PS7 on the CS version?
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(no subject)

I don't know a darn thing about Image Ready. I don't even know how to do a simple animation. Could somebody tell me how to do the motion blur affect or possibly do it for me? Because if you tell me it would have to be literally step by step, where the tool is and such.
What i want is to have the middle pictures make a motion blur.
The same thing with these icons. Thanks so much.