January 4th, 2006


Tricia Helfer Windswept Tutorial

I'm currently working on a long batch of Number Six / Tricia Helfer icons for scifi100. You can find my table here. All the icons for upcoming tutorials will come from there.

At the request of ancarett, we'll be making the following icon today:

From this to

One of the effects in this tutorial could be considered tricky, so you'll require more than a basic knowledge of your chosen graphics program. In my case, I prefer to use GIMP - simple, but eloquent. Note this tutorial is applicable to *any* other program.

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Help with moving stuff?

I'm not sure if this is an appropriate question or not to post here? Here goes. Okay, I feel a bit silly..

I've made this file of myself for an icon [CLICK] and I wanted to put it in a bigger icon [100x100, derr] but this file itself won't even fit LJ's standards.

What program can I use to make it so that I can shrink the size of this gif?

What's a good [free.. or at least long trial period!] movie maker thingy I can use for my icons?

Thanks so much!
Twilight: MTV Movie Awards Kiss

PSP Question

I apologize if this is in the FAQ.. but I couldn't find it in there. I've been working with AS/PSP for over a year now, and til this day, I'm not sure what is wrong with my PSP. When I go to certain tutorials and it tells me to use this or that, I click on where I should click and I nothing is highlighted like I can click on it.. Example Under Cut

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Is there anyway I can fix this?
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(no subject)

Okay. Once again, I come looking for help on something that's not completely icon-related. Sorry! Feel free to delete this post or whatever if it's too off-topic.

So, I have PSP9. I used to have PSP8. PSP9 is missing a lot of stuff that PSP8 had....brushes, and tubes, and presets, and other stuff. This runs me into minor problems all the time. Right now, for example, I really need the Star preset for Lights. When I was using PSP8, I had made an awesome star brush using it, and now I need that brush...but I can't make it again because I don't have that preset now.

So, my question...could anybody who has PSP8 (or some version that has that preset) tell me the settings for the preset? Or just take a screenshot of it, if that's easier for you.

THANKS so much in advance!! :)

EDIT: Alright, never mind, I got the settings from a friend who had PSP 7. In case anyone else wants them for any reason, here they are:
Darkness: 85
Intensity: 40
Scale: 8
Smoothness: 28
Cone Size: 30
Asymmetry: 500
Those are the same for all five lights. And then...
Light 1: Direction: 108, Horizontal: -70, Vertical: -15
Light 2: Direction: 252, Horizontal: 70, Vertical: -15
Light 3: Direction: 324, Horizontal: 45, Vertical: 60
Light 4: Direction: 36, Horizontal: -45, Vertical: 60
Light 5: Direction: 180, Horizontal: 0, Vertical: -68


I was also wondering.. How do you make .jbr files?

If there's another community I should be posting this in, let me know ^^ I don't mean to spam this community. Thanks.

Help? x3

x3 Can I get some photoshop help please with these two icons that whatsername12 made?

o1 http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v493/Marlyse/Icons/Icon98.jpg
o2 http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v493/Marlyse/Icons/SkyIcon1.jpg

My friend made them and she was going to make a tut from the psd but she wont be on til like next week so I was wondering if anybody could help. She made it in PSCS and used textures, and from the sound of it various soft light and hard light settings and gradients on low opacties. No filters were used. Any help would be loved dearly. <3

(no subject)

Font's hate me.

No really. They do. They like to stick their tounge's at me and go "Neener! Neener! Neener!". They hurt my feelings and cause me great agony and confusion.
And I don't think it's because of me since I don't smell.
But there are a few font's that were blessed by the great font fairy and don't cause any problems whatsoever. They are good font's. I bake them cookies for their good behavior.

Anyways, on to the real post...

I have a font problem (Wow, didn't see that coming, did you?). Some fonts, like JesseScript and other's I don't remember, wont get into my font folder. Mainly, I think I need to clear the cache, however I have a sinky suspicion that might not help (Damn you fonts!). But, if I don't clear the cache, then I wouldn't know. Problem is, I don't know how (<-- looser).

So, if any nice person would tell me how, I'll give you a cookie.
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ok, so heres the story, my computer crashed recently, and i had to get the hard-drive replaced, but now i cant re-install my psp8 and its driving me insane. Help would be much appreciated.

OXOXOX illyria789
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  • kisarax

Help Question: ;_;


When I am trying to make an icon, when I try to save. My PS7 closes on me ;_;
Making me lose my hard work ;o;!

Does anyone know what is wrong? and what I need to do to fix.

I was gonna post a tutorial and everything. ;__;
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